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Originally Posted by Former_Boosted_IS
Originally Posted by Spoolin Montego View Post
Did you guys look at the Dyno? less torque and hp than stock below 4k. I'll stick with the drivability of the stock turbos. My tires already get ripped loose from full boost I imagine this car has no traction without slicks on full boost.
Maybe you need to watch my video. I think you will realize everything you said is not accurate. I don't have slicks and dead hook second.
Totally agree with FBis.

I spin out less with my single than with the Cobb 2+ I was running both with LSD ... and then the car just keeps going and going.

U need to drive one of the single turbos to really understand it!

With the Cobb 2+ and FBO I was still rummaging for more mods and surfing the boards. Since going single ... I just drive and drive, as every drive is just way too fun. After 3 months still isn't old.