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Originally Posted by Hreed View Post
If it is in Tacoma I am unsure if I could make it. Entirely up to the majority, but I prefer a local spot - any place in proximity to greater Seattle. Previous meeting places for BimmerpostNW have worked out great for numerous guys
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Originally Posted by Shermanator2411 View Post
I'm down for your spot haha I live in Tacoma so justm inutes away =)
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Well Sunday at my place if nobody decides. If everyone is down, we'll make a regular e90 spot for us in the south sound!
Hey guys. well i have talked to a couple bimmer owners on fb and the majority of them want seattle. Im thinking since its the most close to everyone and more accesible, that we would have it somewhere in seattle. Im trying to figure out exactly where, and who would have the parking to accomidate. I appreciate the volenteering for your Buisnesses space and everything taran.j, More people have said they will show up if its seattle though.
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