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It looks dated?

Originally Posted by rickyjones1209 View Post
Yeh maybe saying it looks dated is a bit harsh. I do appreciate its edgy aggressive looks and good examples do look smart. I especially like the gun metal grey with red leather.

But it certainly looks more dated than an e92. It's an 11 odd year old design after all.
The E46 looks dated in the same way an old Ferrari looks dated. It may have moved from modern to classic but is still in my mind the pinnacle of 3 series design. The e46 M3 epitomizes BMW in the same way as the 2002 or the 2000 Veloce still represent classic Alfa design. Parked alongside an E92 the E46 is still to my eye the more pleasing and desirable car. The only thing classic about an E92 M3 is its engine...also a pinnacle of naturally aspirated design that deserved to be more widely used than just the M3 (in the same way the Rover 3.5 V8 and Ford 3.0 V6 popped up all over the place.)

Very often, older cars start to look slightly comical in the same way an old suit with wide lapels and flared trousers looks odd to the modern eye. There are some rare designs however that continue to look good despite their age and go on to become highly desirable classics. The original 6 series being a good example Name:  6 series.jpg
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