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Honestly man just make sure he eats healthy and is active. I'm 6'3" and I didn't get that way doing anything special. It is just how I was supposed to be. Just keep away from fast food and stay away from heavily processed foods and he will grow up like his genes say he will.

If he has a health condition then talk to a doctor. If a doctor gives him hgh it will probably be to make him grow like he should have not to grow larger than he was supposed to.

I'm not a M.D. or anything so I could be pulling this from my behind but I don't see hgh as being good for a young growing boy. Does hgh cause the heart and other supporting organs to grow larger as well; I have no idea. Say he does grow 3" more than he would have otherwise can his heart now take it? Or will he always be under the threat of heart disease like those basketball players with growths on their pituitary glands? Just some stuff to think about.

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