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Post Replaced Halogen, bulb review

So I wanted to swap the Halogen H7 bulbs out because the standard ones were poo, doesn't help that I had Xenons on my last E90, but in the rain you couldn't even tell they were on.

Swapping them out was 'interesting', my hands just weren't small enough until a quick google revealed a removable panel in the wheel arch used to access the light unit, that'll teach me to

After much research I got my shortlist down to three bulbs, Osram NightBreakers (claim 90% light improvement), Ring Ultima Xenons (claim 120% light improvement) and Philips X-Treme Power (claim 100% light improvement) I wanted more light for safer driving at night and in the rain and a slightly whiter look, not blue though. I've experiences the Osram NightBreakers before, they give off quite a crisp light and when I had my e46 it was literally night and day difference over standard, I still have this set fitted to the missus' Mini and considering the light output claims I thought I'd take a punt on the Ring Ultimas. So enough typing lets see some pics......

On the Left, Standard Halogen, the right shows Ring Ultima Xenon

To be honest its more noticeable in person, certainly a whiter look and a definite improvement on light output, more noticeable in the rain and such. I tired my best to capture and compare light output, bear in mind this was in (dull) daylight, Top is AFTER fitting, the bottom is BEFORE fitting, with the standard halogens (car/bins haven't moved)

....not the best image but there is some conclusion, the ring bulbs are more intense and defined.

For 15 I'm chuffed and think I've made the right purchase, would be interesting to compare like for like Ring to the Osram which I plan to do in a few weeks. Thought I'd share as me being me it took a few weeks to decide what bulb to try lol, mostly because it was hard to find comparison threads such as this