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Glad people enjoy the be quite honest I was quite surprised at how sharp most of the images were!! Consider the combined cost of the lens and camera body came in at £550 (both were bought 2nd hand). Panning shots were hard to do, had to use manual focus a bit which was a pain because the cars would be only in focus for literally 0.1 sec. The fence/spectators/lights were all confusing the AF, though when the AF did "lock on" it was spot on. Interestingly I found the “rapid fire/mutlishot” mode on the camera almost useless, you just end up with 7 shots of nearly the same thing but badly composed and out of focus. I know alot of people feel the need to get a camera that can shot at 6-7 fps for sports but virtually all the good shots I got were taken on single shot mode.

Only just had time to upload the photos on to the laptop. Some more close up shots, I love the fact you can almost see the eyes of the drivers in a few shots (the brits were all been cool by wearing reflective visors)!!

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