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Originally Posted by StealYourFace View Post
CJ thanks for your input.

I want the bigger rear bar to help the car rotate during autocross. Plus I feel like the smaller (e90) m3 bar with the larger (e93) front M3 bar will help to keep the car from being overly tail happy. That, along with tc/dsc and a hell of a lot less torque than a 335i should keep the rear from stepping out too bad. In addition, the rear sport springs are a lot less stiff than the rear springs in an m3.

All told it's just a guessing game and I hate that. There's so many variables and I would definately rather rely on experience of others.

But I agree, since it is such a bitch to swap bars I would like to get it right the first time.
CVC and CJ are on the $ here.

I installed PS V2 kit and am really impressed compared to ZSP. I think it is a great set-up for dd and tracking. If you notice BMW engineers did not change the rear sway bar with that kit, I am guessing they know "something" about this suspension. I would recommend that you get matched dampers and springs. The height changed only in the rear by about 1/2in, so not much. I had three instructors drive the car and they were also impressed with the V2 kit. I asked them about M3 bits and they said that is the last step after wheels/tires, brakes and lsd. I will not be installing M3 sway.

CJ, CVC - what rear toe arms would you recommend. I read there are some issues with joints with HPA parts. Meyle or other?

OP - hope you don't mind the question in your thread

Hope this helps.

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