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Originally Posted by shrink View Post
i still think the E46 is a superb looking car. Yes its a little dated in terms of panel design. But IMHO the interior is still a nicer place to sit than an E90/92 etc. The E46 M3 may well be one of the best M cars BMW have ever produced.
In CSL guise, I'd say it is THE best M car they've ever made, yes even better than the E30 M3.

I have to agree with other posters though that the exterior is starting to show it's age. The overall boxy shape is very much "of the 90's" although those flared wheel arches are stunning. Also some of the details like the light clusters make it look very dated compared to modern stuff.

At the moment it's in that limbo zone where it's not old enough to be a classic or new enough to look modern but give it a few more years and I reckon they will stand the test of time better than the E9x shape.