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All of them are overpriced TBH and none of them is really attractive package.

If you want just a nominal upgrade, there is alpine kit getting sold on UK classified. Buy that asap with windows trims (by same seller) and get it installed.

My response to your options is in bold.

Originally Posted by Alex.Devol View Post
Just looking for advice on which of the 3 below options appears best of first glance. Apologies in advance for appearing lazy, i actually have tried reading the advised threads & stickies which are immediately posted when noobs like me ask questions regarding audio DIY, but the point is I have decided NOT to try and DIY and so these threads are of no help to me. I have a decent ear but i know absolutely nothing about the theory of car audio or components, i also have little free time to learn and am overwhelmed & confused by the minefield of information and options available, so instead I've opted to get a professional to do something turn-key and leave me out of it!

The worry is that the usual customer for services like this (such as myself) is completely ignorant and ends up getting ripped off. All i'm asking from anyone who can be of help is which (if any) of the below options looks to be the best, if anyone has any knowledge of the components being used, reputation of dealer, value for money etc. - it's all nonsense to me at this point so greatly appreciate any help.

budget is about 900. I currently have a CIC nav car but with the base sound system.

also any other options are very welcome.


(do 3 options, only 2 of which are affordable for me and the 8" earthquake subs seem excessive for my needs anyway)

Option 2 is similar to Alpine kit, except that there is separate channel for subs and you have bass controller.
So for that if you are happy to pay Additional 500 (at the top of Alpine kit), choice is yours.


(these do 5 options)

Stage 4 is appropriate, however compare to the deal above (2nd deal under option 1),
-you will have better mid bass drivers
-however sound processing is passive. (2 channel amp vs 4 channel amp under deal above)
-And no separate bass control like the deal above.


No packages I can see on there website

option 3 is i contact these who are local to me and go with a shopping list which I either pick from the 100's of threads on here & hope i get right, or one of your kind selves suggests.

Again, sorry for appearing lazy on the surface of things, although its more a case of knowing not to get involved with things i don't understand. thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

In nutshell, I would not go for any of these.

If you want the things simple, get alpine kit installed. Plus point is that you can always sells it if you want to sell your car.

If you want more than that, add L7 subs to alpine kit and that would be more than enough for you.

However if you want better that that, then mob17 is selling DSP and nice mid range drivers under UK classified.