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Originally Posted by Aries326 View Post
I've got a Z4 3.0si and I love the N52. I agree with what you had to say above.

I had a F30 on loaner when I had the Z4 serviced. Honestly, the N20 didn't feel right. It felt like it wasn't as responsive, didn't have as much power and the sound out of it was too tame. Definitely the F30 is for those who just want a BMW. For a car enthusiast, it might be a disappointment. I don't consider myself a BMW "expert". As someone new to the BMW world, the N20 is a disappointment.
I had the opposite experience.

See my loaner was an auto, and that has a lot to do with it.

It was a new N52 E92 coupe.

The engine SOUNDED great. But it was all sound. It had a nice top end surge to it, but again, mostly noise compared to the actual acceleration.

My 6mt N20 though, there is NO friggin sound. That is the disappointment. But meanwhile there is a such a big torque advantage(I dyno'd mine already) that it surges on a wave of tq in almost every gear and from very low RPM.

I find it will be much easier to put some sound into this car(granted it wont sound like a straight 6, I get that by walking to the other garage) than it will be to get tq out of an N52 without FI.

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