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Originally Posted by bora1point8t View Post
Car looks good. Great mods. With the CIC retrofit...does that come with the newly updated idrive; i'm not too familiar with it? (i noticed the updated idrive knob on the console)

Does the car have red back seats or also has black back seats as well? I'm assuming black for all 4 seats but, there's no pictures explicitly showing it.

You mention you're sure that the car lists it as being in an accident but, you know it was very minor - how do you know that? Just curious...

Any particular reason for selling the car?

Thanks - Ryan
Just realized that I wasn't getting any notifications about replies in this thread.

Yes it has completely updated iDrive.
All seats are black, just the door panels that are red.
I know because I've been under the car more than I was in it There are no replaced body parts, no welds and no bent suspension parts. Everything looks straight and even.