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Originally Posted by TheTal0n View Post
How many of you used gasket sealer? Is it a necessary?

I was also going to just drain my coolant by turning the blue cap underneath the radiator, How much should be expected to poor out..? most of it?
I coated the new gasket with engine oil before installing for a better seal.

I cut the top off a harder plastic (Arrowhead) clean 1 gal water container, and notched it so I could undo the drain plug with large flat-blade screwdriver, and half filled it with coolant (1/2 gal -- the system takes about 2 gals), and put the plug back in. This was enough so I didn't spill coolant removing the gasket.

Before I put the oil filter back into the housing, I poured a little new oil into the area where I removed it on the de-install to prime it. I also scheduled to do it a couple of days before a regular oil change.

There another tread if you haven't seen it:

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