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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
Is this b12 suspension much different to say eibachs stainless steel coils or what I have, BC racing ones apart from a different brand and its construction?. I'm just interested to know why some go for these over others... Bit of a hit and miss I guess as the same could be asked for why one chooses kenco over Nescafé but keen to know of any major differences and people's line of thinking behind these??

The car looks great OP and so much better without that 4x4 gap.
Thanks I love it now. The car is totaly transformed.

I read through a lot of old threads and the B12 kit kept coming up. Seems to be a fairly well tried bit of kit and I didnt want to risk it. Ive had Eibachs before and found them to be very good. Bilstein are a well known brand so seemed a bit of a no brainer for me. Its a bit of a safe choice i guess but I didnt want to have yet another set fitted!