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Talking Recoding base stereo to Hifi issues

I got the base stereo (4 Mids + 2 underseats, no amp). Now I learned here in the forums that I needed to recode my BMW professional headunit (non-idrive) to be able to get a decent upgrade to start with to flatten eq. I also wanted to recode for mp3 playback so I could at least run a mp3 CD on it. I wanted to do the recode first before jumping into buying the setup. (Though I already have the morel 265 installed but only ran by HU in the meantime.)

I then went to my local BMW service shop/dealer and tried to have HU recoded. But everytime we recode it displays message like the hifi harness is not detected so recoding fails everytime. Also, it needed to be recoded to hifi before it can accept mp3 playback recode as well because it falls under the hifi code.

It seems I need to get this "harness" it is asking for. I searched forums and found technic's harness for the base stereo. ( Now my questions:

1. Is this exactly what I need to have HU successfully recoded to hifi?
2. Do I use this harness and connect everything from it? (DSP MS8, AMP).
3. But what if I inititally would just want to run everything with stock HU for the meantime with harness without amp (amp will follow), will the harness allow to connect all OEM speaker connections from HU to this new harness without cutting?
4. Will the harness + hifi recode make the speaker outs to low level output?

This is my first time to do a system upgrade on a bmw. Anyone's help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you guys!

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