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Fuel economy

Originally Posted by VNeBLOB42 View Post
That's a tough one to answer, when most tunes go for output power, and it will all depend on how the driver is, fuel mix, etc.. That's what is great about turbo cars, if you keep you foot out of it you can get great gas mileage even tuned.

Since I only have tried COBB, I can't really give a great answer. But if great gas mileage is what you are looking for, I say your best bet is going pro tuned! With the goal of best mpgs

With a few WOT and daily commute, S1+ E50, Pro E-Tune by PTF. I just calculated 18+ mpgs. Not the best, but not bad for 400 whp.
PTF is ProTuningFreaks,right? Did they Email you a custom tune?
Unfortunately,Here in LA,I don't have access for flex fuels like E50 and E85 and E30;At least not readily!

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