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Originally Posted by manutdas11 View Post
Nice to meet you virtually Pablo! Haha well I have a BMS powerbox and I think that's like 10-15hp, maybe if we're lucky? I also have the new AA exhaust that Active Autowerke just recently released, they claimed around 9hp/tq I believe? And I'm thinking of getting a Simota intake. So I'm guessing if we put performance part on our N51/52 we can get ?250hp? I don't really know to be honest. But that's my route so far.
How about you?
Me, I'm still riding on stock everything, right now I don't want to put parts in because I have another child on the way, plus I want to wait until I hit 50001 miles before I put anything in. Right now this is my list of prospective parts:

Eismann Exhaust(through some searching on eBay 16hp gain)
Active Auto Sealed Intake(12~+hp/15lbs. torque)
OE Tuning Flash(Peak HP 255/Peak Toque 221lbs.)
Then see what I can get with a BMS PBX

So all in all I think closer to 270ishHP, but maybe closer to 280 range if the BMS works out, checked out Tuner Motorsport and asked them if the BMS would have an issue with a flashed ECU and they said there shouldn't be issues.

For exterior I'm thinking the 313 style 19" rims from BMW(I like their simplicity) and CF deck spoiler and maybe a CF or aluminum strut bar.

Quite a list and quite a bit of money to pony up.