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Originally Posted by gucci335xi View Post
Alright im gunna try the plugs i just picked some up see what happens. What if my stock ones are looking good what should i do then?
Recently I had similar symptoms when it got colder.
Started with an occasional sputter/pause, then finally got a misfire code on cylinder #6.
Changed all my plugs (had 1.5 years on them) and swapped cyl #6 coil to cyl #1 just in case.

Problem went away for a week and then it came back.
Single sputter, but no codes, since I instinctively let off whenever I felt something.
The DME needs to register multiple consecutive misfires in order to throw a code,
so I did a long 5th gear pull and finally got multiple misfires that registered a code for cyl #1 this time.

So for me it ended up being the coil, which I replaced the next day and have been fine so far. YMMV.
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