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Originally Posted by veloziROTHTOR View Post
i remember this one documentary... there was a scene with 2 people going at it... right next to them (off camera) was a table full of food... and then a crowd of others watching, eating, chillin' ... i couldn't do it

i mean who the hell eats and watches porn

And you have a bunch or ugly asexual people behind a camera and tell you what to do and when. These are people which never get excited about what they see.

Yeah every guy dreams of doing porn for a living and making it with all these women until you find out you have to perform on Que and you can not be successful if you have performance anxiety. Woman can fake it men can not, no stiffy, no work.

Also imagine the women who are fluffers, they have the job of keep the men hard while off camera, imagine putting that on your Porn Resume.