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Originally Posted by OILPowered View Post
I'd have to disagree with this statement- additive packages for diesel fuel do vary quite a bit. Your statement is more in line with gasoline additives- detergents generally are part of a gasoline package to remove carbon build up from spark ignition. Detergents also by nature (a base) remove lubricity, which is bad for a Diesel engine that uses fuel to lubricate its pumps.
If you know that gasoline requires detergency, why wouldn't diesel? It is a less refined fuel...

Detergents are capable of removing lubricity-think dish soap- or capable of adding lubricity- think hand soap.

I agree that additives vary quite a bit more for diesel than gasoline since diesel is used in a larger variety of situations and comes in a variety of qualities. Cetane, lubricity, water content, cold flow, stability-all reasons to get a single synthetic diesel fuel additive, instead of 5 different additives (formulated similarly).