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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
You do the diff, subframe bushings at the same time. I got a quote from Vorshlag at 8-10 hours. So thats $600-800. No idea where you're getting this $3k+. The diff itself, the complete pumpkin, is $1900.
now add bushings too
that rounds off to $3k or more depending on labor rates quoted.

There's no reason anyone with hand tools can't install coilovers themselves. Corner weighting + alignment costs $200-250. Come on. Besides - do M3's come corner weighted from the factory on their progressive non adjustable springs?
certainly. if you don't see time as money you can also DIY the diff as well...and clutch..and engine rebuild and...

M3 arms are bolt-on... subframe bushings are addressed above.
bolt on or not you still have to pay for them and install them.

The FMIC and DP cost $800... so who is charging you $2200 for an install of these items?
It's called labor. I am including it with all my numbers.

I didn't forget them. You don't need them.
Yes, you do if you plan on passing inspection (also smog in CA).

There is no available upgrade radiator! Link it or stop saying this!
335is aux radiator with power kit software. Reading is fundamental. I'll keep on saying whatever I want until you turn blue from gasping.

M3 brakes have bigger rotors but similarly horrible calipers as 335's. Both can get away with stock calipers with good rotors/race pads, but both benefit greatly from BBK's. No difference here.
I can't go into details, but start here:

M3 has better brakes than 335. Not sure what you are arguing here?

Steering ratio? Seriously?
yes, seriously.

M3 sport seats are really no different than the sport seats in the 335.
much more support. did you ever sit in M3? i almost sold 335 for this reason alone when i bought it 2 years ago.

Oh I get it. You're one of those M3 > all people.
I drive a 335i if you forgot. There is a reason why M3 carries $20k premium. I am trying to point you out SOME of the differences.

It has more hp, its lighter, lower cg, wider, fits bigger tires, more torque throughout the rev range, and cheaper parts/easier to make big power.

In which way is it not better?
C5 is better car than E46 M3. Got it. Go buy one and enjoy it. What else you want me to tell you? That it has no feel, archaic suspension, horrid seats, interior, exterior, safety, rigidity...etc etc etc etc...

You're just one of those silly M3 > all people, so you don't understand why people would want to work on a 335 or a 330i (like the OP). Now that we understand who and what you are, your comments make a lot more sense.

Good day sir.
You are quite obviousy new here. It shows well.