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Originally Posted by SDW335 View Post
Update: after a few days I still have the smell. Now it's not first this thing, but after driving for a while. Shifting is much smoother, but seems to slip into gear. There are no puddles in the garage and last night I got stuck in 3rd gear for a few seconds.

Would you say I have a problem? I'm very worried and think I screwed myself by attempting to perform preventative maintenance.
Had the exact same problem with my E60 (ZF 6HP19) after a tranny flush by a shop. Drove me crazy for a month. Turned out the tranny was overfilled, there is a vent valve on the top of the tranny case and I think that is where the smell was escaping from due to possible over pressure. I followed the BMW TIS procedure for refilling the tranny. Had to measure the tranny fluid temperature with INPA and correctly fill the tranny as per procedure. At proper temperature, with the tranny in Park, I've opened the fill hole and at least a quart came out where it shouldn't. I made sure it was then filled properly and voila! No more ATF smell