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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
Mine is JGMods and I have been very happy with it. I don't remember seeing any mold seams when I got mine, but I also had some friends at a body shop do the paint on it since my car was in for a parking lot hit (for some reason my car is invisible to people driving Jeeps and pickups...). As far as I know, the only modification was to fit the performance diffuser (but I think that is required on the OE ones as well -- there is a post with BMW's instructions somewhere).

Anyway, here is a pic from the day I got it back from the body shop.

Hi, Chuck

I noticed your diffuser from your garage, and I thought that one only fits LCI models, can you tell me where did you buy it since I really like the way it looks. Is there any mod needed to fit it into pre-LCI rear bumper?