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Originally Posted by veloziROTHTOR View Post
yeah, somehow i missed the guy scoop.

i know for the girls, some of the successful/popular ones make a few thousand per scene, can get away with like 3 scenes/month and still live well. a lot of them are strippers (i.e. special requests) too so if they have a few rich patrons they're set.

and then there are the not-so-popular ones who squander everything and end up working way past their prime to make ends meet.

a long time ago, a buddy knew a stripper and she said she makes like $200k/yr, but it's all cash. she wanted to buy a house but didn't want to claim the income on her taxes so it's all in a shoebox. if i knew her i'd say save up and get 2-3 condos cash... skip the bank loan.

it's like gravity: 2 homes (condos), enough to live. 3 homes (comdos), you're doing pretty well. rent closely follows the cost of living. just have to be tight.
Yeah, but say as a porn star making $200k per year (ever after taxes), you have what, maybe 10-15 prime years of working? I'm guessing you'd most likely have to start a fairly successful business to maintain that lifestyle. I'd assume most return to being average Joes after their porn career.