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Originally Posted by DarkEnigma
Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
As soon as funds allow, I will be buying this unit.
Have you tried 'geo fencing' as I am really eager to know how well that works. That would be the best thing if car is stolen.

Also have you tried its iphone application?
I noticed there are a few other similar devices on Ebay for around £40 too.

Haven't tried Geo Fencing yet and not using iPhone so can't try that out. The instructions booklet you get with the tracker is very good, covers a lot of different features you can tweak.
Are the £40 kit is same as this?
I doubt that as cheaper stuff may have less options if I am not wrong.
Best thing about this kit is 15 days of stand by time, so even thieves remove the battery wiring, you can still relocate it if this device gets gps/ gsm signals.