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Originally Posted by Alex.Devol View Post
It's for a e92 2011 lci, base stereo, cic.

I've spoken to mob about the ms8 and I'm sure this would be a great solution for me, but there is so much reading on it across so many threads that I'm totally put off, because as mentioned I basically want something that's going to be an effective and good value solution but most importantly hassle free, something that doesn't give me an opportunity to get wrong or spend weeks crying to you guys when I realise I can't get my head round the project I spent my months wages on!
If this is your criteria, then I would highly recommend looking into MusicarNorthwest (even with customs & shipping). They know BMWs, they put together all of the parts THAT WORK WELL TOGETHER, and they include EVERYTHING (including required fasteners, velcro, etc). They even pre-set the crossovers and amplifiers before shipping.

I was feeling exactly the same way you are - I didn't want to spend that kind of money to be disappointed. I was also planning to have the system installed locally - as I wasn't sure that I was up to the task.

Once the parts arrived, I found that the kit was so complete, and the writeups here for installation of door speakers, underseat speakers, and even routing cabling from the battery to the amplifier were so clear & simple; that I attempted to tackle the installation on my own.

Ken estimated 8 hours, and it took me about 6 hours. I could do it again now in 3-4 hours, but when doing it for the first time you take it slow & easy.

To be completely honest, the hardest part of the install wasn't even the install, it was reinstalling the window seals after remounting the door panels. Everything else came out as in the DIYs, and went in with flawless fit (even cable lengths were correct).

Search the DIY threads here for speaker installation. I think that if you have simple hand tools, and you're not the kind of person who rushes through things just to get to the end, you'll have no problem to do the installation yourself.

Good luck.