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Originally Posted by Gator335i View Post
Just to play devil's advocate for a moment. And before I make my points I want to certainly agree with the general consensus that we shouldn't judge others based on mere appearances. Now that said, the BMW enthusiast within me finds something deeply wrong about a 335i being used as a pizza delivery car. One, BMW is currently the premier luxury auto maker in the world based on sales.

Owning a BMW is supposed to convey a sense of status upon its owner, like it or not, that's simply a marketing reality. The BMW roundel is a symbol of luxury, performance and, yes, status. That was a $40k-plus car when it was brand new. Unless they're delivering a little blow along with that pie, delivery boys aren't supposed to be driving $40k-plus cars.

Two, the fact that a 335i is being used as a pizza delivery car means that it is now in the same ranks as every generic-looking POS Jap-import car over the past 25 years that you've seen every other pizza delivery boy driving. In other words, 1991 Toyota Corolla is now = 2007 BMW 335i.

Third, just like OP indicated, as someone who drives an E9x, I don't want to be associated with pizza delivery boys. I make a helluva lot more money than a delivery boy does and for us to drive similar vehicles does nothing to separate me from him on the socio-economic ladder.

However, the reality is this: just about any mass-produced vehicle at some point in its lifecycle is going to become available to Joe Public. And I've seen just about every kind of car imaginable used as pizza delivery cars: Mercedes, BMW, C4 Corvettes, every GM make you can name, and almost every Jap car ever built--including 90s Nissan 300ZXs.

The only way you're ever going to be able to avoid seeing your car being used to deliver pizzas is if your car is something that doesn't depreciate to the point that a Uncle Bob, with his bad credit, can't get his hands on one at a Buy-Here, Pay-Here. Sadly, that eliminates almost every BMW ever made with the exception of the newer M-cars. But give them another 5 years or so and they too will wind up on Fast Eddie's Used Car lot.

OP, my suggestion if you want to avoid this embarrassment again is to move on up to something truly rare and truly exotic: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maserati, etc. Regardless of how old they are, they will always be too rare and too expensive to ever wind up on the lot of Everybody Rides Auto Sales across the street from the local bail bondsman.

Yes, I hate seeing such a great car being used this way, but that's the reality of how saturated the market is with BMWs right now. If you've got a job, chances are you can afford one.
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