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Perfect! Don't hesitate to place your order directly through us or any of our vendors.
Hello.. I'm a BMW n00b.. Just picked up an 09 328i about a week ago (base model). The 16" wheels are going to be the first thing to go. I'm currently corresponding with Don about picking up a set of the 710's 18x8.5's. My only concern is that I already feel the performance of the 328i is a little lacking (coming from an 06 Saab 9-3 Aero) which definitely felt more sporty/inspired than the 328i.. Anyway, my concern is the 16" wheels weigh about 19lbs each these V710's from what I've read weigh in at around 23lbs each. Can you or anyone else who's made the jump from 16's to 18's in the V710's tell me how the performance in a stock 328i will be effected? I've never put aftermarket wheels on any of my vehicles and I'm a little concerned adding 4 lbs (est.) to each wheel.

Thank in advance!