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I agree with Tortfeasor [Hey, BTW, I hope you don't really go around engaging in tortious conduct! ]

Family friendly dojos (nothing wrong with that) focus less on the sparring and more on the self-defense, katas and/or drills -- sparring being limited to higher belt levels.

Personally, I believe sparring/sparring techniques should be introduced from day one, to allow the student to get acquainted with the "fighting"/contact aspect of martial arts.

I train in Kenpo Karate at a family-type dojo. I remember sparring not being introduced until purple belt, but only for the purposes of testing. I am up to my third-degree brown belt and, still, sparring is not mandatory, except for testing purposes. Of course, one can attend the sparring class anytime.

To a certain extent, this is why I enjoy taekowndo more, since sparring is just as critical as poomsae and is introduced from day one. I'm 43 and just earned my blackbelt after several years of training. (With family, work and one thousand other responsibilities and commitments, it's a minor miracle I've gotten to this point.) I also like taekwondo for the sport aspect of it, rendering each class a great cardiovascular workout.

By the way, how many here train in WTF style TKD versus ITF?