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How many of you have served for Jury Duty?

I'm sitting here in the courthouse now on one of four computers they have in the back in the juror room. Basically had to jump over hurdles to get one. Had no idea you could bring your laptop/iPad here. Computer is locked down beyond belief, no right click, no way to remote desktop. Would have been a great time to answer backlogged emails. I've tried all the tricks to gain access to remote desktop, but not happening without me using a boot cd .

To be honest I'm really bitter being here. I understand it's part of my civil duty - but seriously... $15 a day? .34 a mile for gas one way? That means that it costs me money in gas too just to drive here and back! And I know were talking about nickels and dimes here - it's not the money but the principle that they such ridiculous wages for compensating self employeed people.

I'm 7 weeks behind as it is with emails piling up and I have to sit here in this room listening to an imaginary violin playing in my head to keep me grounded from piles of work.

So in a couple hours I presume they will pick me or tell me if I can go home. I've heard mixed stories about the selection. Playing dumb can get you picked, acting like you know about criminal law and due process can get you picked, so I'm not really sure how to weasel my way out of this, but I'll just be honest and truthful because you can't go wrong there. I had to cancel two clients this morning because of this.

So - for all of you - who has been called for jury duty before? Were you selected? Share your experience. I hope you guys keep me busy as I sit here pulling my hair out!

Sorry for the rant.

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