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Originally Posted by Chefcg1 View Post
well i put mine in today and when I was moving wires around I shorted out the old keyfob unit. I know I should have disconnected the battery, luckily i did not have the new flow sensor attached. I just removed the keyfob all together.

I have a few questions as I honestly haven't messed with the procede and meth stuff is so long i have forgotten some of the settings. With the current firmware meth control is set to "0" and we adjust the injection %? I have a CM10 so I was thinking start at 30% and log and see where my logs hit and adjust from there. Just want to make sure I'm doing this right.

I went out for a test on the way to work using the method above and for some reason my meth is not coming on, no pump nothing. I pulled over and did a prime test and it worked fine, any ideas?
My injection mode is set at 35 for a DO12 nozzle. Maybe set yours down to 25 for a test to see if it comes on at all, then just double check your power wire, ground and wire to the procede.

When you say key fob, are you talking about the original vishnu kit that had remote controls to arm/power the meth system? If so, when you say you removed it, that means you hacked into that original wiring harness shiv made to make direct connections? If so, then maybe just do a careful trace of all the wires to make sure something did not get crossed up.

If that's what you did, I did the same thing and actually diagramed out my wiring, and scanned it into the pc so I would always remember the details.