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Do not know any personally but had a client that was in Chatsworth, basically Devonshire and DeSoto that was literally a block down the street from a big production place. Lots of porn people hanging out, see them at lunch etc, rough lifestyle to say the least(most rode hard and put up wet).

1 million dollars simply is cutting it really tight(no pun intended) to live on. Look at it this way, you retire at 30 with $1m, live to 70, that's 25K a year to live on with no adjustment for inflation etc.. That is not living well in my book when you factor in paying for health insurance and all your normal bills you have maybe $500-$700 a month left over to really live on. And since you live on that 1m you need it liquid so forget long term investing. Just saying not that big a sum of money when you really think about it over a lifetime.

On Jenna Jameson, she made her money by cutting out the middle man period, She had her own production company etc. so all proceeds went right to her. BTW she's a little ragged looking in real life, her and Tito frequent a restaurant that my sister goes to a lot in HB seen them a few times.