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Originally Posted by mannytabloid View Post
Part time delivery driver here. When my '00 TL is in the shop the 335 comes out to play. Totally reasonable that I get to spend my time driving my car I'm paying for, while getting paid for it. I respect the dude. Sucks they make him put the sign on his car, though.

Also, I'm not sure about the $5/hr estimate. Obviously it depends on the economic status of the area you deliver to along with the price level of the store you deliver for, but no driver is taking home less than 10-15/hr. Personally, my hourly plus tips averages between $28-$35/hr before taxes, certainly no pittance.
Backing up my little over $5/hr + tip claim, I inquired about a job at Papa Johns (I'm in high school) and they offered a minimum wage pay of $7.25 (around $5.50 after taxes) + tips. Louisville is a very spread out city so you wouldn't hit many houses per hour too. Not sure about your area, but you also have to factor in that 19 city mpg cost + depreciation in car from so many miles.