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Originally Posted by ALPANDY View Post
Called Sytner Nottingham to ask for a quote to service my 330d today. The car has only covered 19k and the i-drive says: visual check, brake fluid and oil change. I gave this information to the girl on the end of the phone she asked if I wanted to get the aircon regassed/cleaned as they are doing a special offer I said ok. Total price came to 521!
So I say: you want to charge me 521 to lift the car up look underneath it with a lead lamp and change the oil and brake fluid.
To her credit she kept her cool and said I can offer you my own personal discount at 7%.
Obviously this didn't make a great deal of difference and it begs the question, why don't they do that in the first place?
So I say I will have to get back to her.
She says I can have a word with the manager to see if I can offer you a further discount.
I politely declined.
Your thoughts?
Well that also includes the air-con re-gas you asked them to include, which most places charge nigh on 100 quid for?

Ring round, get some quotes and go back to them. I'd think with without the A/C re-gas I'm sure something nearer 300 should be attainable.