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Originally Posted by PTA85 View Post
It's only between 55-65. I know i said 40 but its really noticeable at 55. Doesn't get worse when I turn or anything and once I hit around 70 it's gone. It isn't a grinding noise or scraping just a hum. I am taking for a trip in a few days hope it's ok.
My car is doing the EXACT same thing. I also have DWS tires on 162's. I did have the rear bearing replaced 2 years ago (at 70k miles) and that was a constant humming that was quite loud. I have had the tires replaced and road force balanced several times. It does seem more noticeable when the car is cold from sitting in the garage all night. I was toying with the idea that the drive shaft was slightly out of balance. Just spit balling.