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Originally Posted by gunman168 View Post
@ makkan00 and VP Electricity

I brought the car to an official BMW dealer to have it recoded. I am not sure what machine or software they used on it as customers are not allowed in the service bay and I just left the car with them. According to them it just displays the "cannot detect harness" when doing the hifi recode and so perhaps it is looking for the hifi harness. Will technic's harness solve this?

@ VP Electricity

Yes hifi recoding is not that needed when used with MS-8 since the ms-8 will fix the eq curve but I still need to have if recoded to hifi to be able to get mp3 playback as the dealer told be that mp3 recode falls under the hifi recode meaning I have to first make code to hifi before mp3.
When I had to recode mine, they had to open a PUMA case because my car does not have a MOST bus..which may be the error your dealer is getting. Later I went to a different dealer and they had the ability to recode with no problem. the option showed right in ISTA/P....just look for Retrofits-->Alpine HiFi

Regarding VP's comment. Currently I am still struggling to get back the SQ with the HiFi signal that I once had with the Base signal. I think the potential is there, but from what I hear, a speaker level signal will be better at noise rejection, etc.