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Hey Moderators, would it be possible to start a forum or regional sticky "indy shop"

As our cars start to come out of warranty, finding a good specialty indy shop is a very important task for those of us less mechanically inclined. Proper maintenance is of paramount importance to keeping our e9x on the road and running as they should. I have been researching my area for days and can find no useful information with which to select a shop for my non-CPO work. A sticky or forum dedicated to members just listing good shops, not complaining about bad ones, would be very useful as a starting point.

Many of us travel as well, it would be nice to have a quick place to check for help if we are in a location unknown to us and have an issue with our cars.

I am just thinking of posts from members like this:

XYZ BMW Specialty Shop
1234 Main Street
Anywhere, USA
Contact Name

Just quick hit information to give us all a starting point when researching places others trust.......

Any Possible Way?