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Originally Posted by tojo_m
Originally Posted by lawgone View Post
Agreed. They take forever to get these adapters out and then have the nerve to charge $250 for them! It's a piece of plastic with a little metal connecter that they should charge no more than $50 for (and that's being generous.) $250 is just highway robbery.
well the cost of the raw materials might be little but they need to employ engineers to design, develop and test the stuff and pay their salaries. The workstations that they use, the real estate that they occupy, etc all cost money.

Also tooling investment and payback timing is all calculated into the cost, they have about a year or two before its obsolete and they will have to have paid for the tooling. Not all cars come with the snap in feature so not every BMW or MINI can use the part. I'm in the auto industry and we do this sort of stuff all the time and you would be surprised by how expensive it is to develop market and sell the part that has to pay for itself in a years time.

The PS3 when released was 699 bucks and they were loosing money on every one sold so sometimes even at the high cost of the part the company takes a loss but their giving you the customer " convenience " or options as it were .......

Now cell phone covers for 30 bucks !!!!!! Now theirs something to bitch about !!!!!