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Originally Posted by Eagle1oh7 View Post
OE sent me an e-mail when I asked them about the flash and gave me the price I stated earlier. Pricing varies on location I suppose because they're based out of SoCal.

As for modding, I'll probably start with a M-Tech bumper after a tax return, but so far I can only seem to find pre-LCI front bumpers. I'm wondering if I should get the M-Tech Carbon with quad pipes, might be a bit poserish LOL. Throw in some side skirts and I should be good to go and will eventually get my car painted. The black trim will look nice on a the lighter shade of blue. For now I plan on gathering all of my exterior parts and then installing them in one go along and then go for the paint job. Just hoard parts and then install and sell my OEM parts.
hahaha Nice! That's the way to go!
I'm thinking of doing an LCI conversion for my trunk and front, but I think I'm going to enjoy my car for now and easy down on the modding haha I've spent waayyy too much these past two months.
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