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This is one of the reasons I am such a BIG Advevo's fan :

Sometimes you love sticky tires like on a trackday for a fast lap or normal street drive. But sometimes you wanna play with the balance of the car. Big 19 inch wide tires and play with the balance you need at least a race track or a top gear test track with wide sticky tires.


You can go smaller.

I drive my 1M mostly with 8x18 inch wheels with 235/40 tires alround. It s for playing around with the balance of the car and have fun on relative normal speeds.

I have also have owned a 997 gen2 GT3 nice car but for the road to much grip to have fun driving on the balance of the car. I sold it because of it. You need a race track in youre backyard to enjoy such car.

This is off course for everyone different. I like to drive the car on under and oversteer. But it is not everyone s cup of tea. Some people just love very sticky tires and enjoy the high grip.

Once again, you can see what a 8x18 inch wheels with the thinner 235/40 tires all round can do for the 1M balance ON THE STREET :

Before I have purchased the sticky P-Zero's, which I also find very progressive on the limit once they let go, I couldn't find a good condition set of used BMW's M270 18'' rims that you see in the above vid (new, they cost around 2400€). Otherwise, I would have bought it instead, no doubt!