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Originally Posted by PTA85 View Post
Ok thanks for the picture I will look at them tomorrow for exactly that. I doubt they are that bad like pits said but if there is any sort of cupping or uneven wear I may be able to see it now that I can see exactly where and what it looks like.

@denny I am glad some one has my set up and is having the same issue. I don't feel like I'm alone anymore. I did sort of notice that my car did sit a few days on base while I was on duty and this afternoon it was bad. Now after that I drove it and either I got used to it again or it wasn't as bad. I guess on my trip tomorrow night I will really see since I'm driving about 6 hours. I just will have to have the music up lol. I don't feel any wobble or vibration so I'm guessing its still safe. Do you have any spacers or anything else done to your car? Let me know if you hear or find out anymore details.
Bone stock sport suspension with factory sized DWS tires. I was thinking either drive shaft, the drive shaft center support bearing, or maybe a front wheel bearing. I don't think it is the wheels/tires. Front wheel bearings I can do myself, drive shaft or support might be a little much to do myself.