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Originally Posted by sheps View Post
Keep left, unless overtaking.
100% correct, simple and fool proof even for the morons around us.

Driving was once courteous.. If I was in the middle lane and saw someone coming up the outside lane at speed, I would not pull out until they have gone past. If I was in the outside lane and someone in the middle lane was coming up to slow moving traffic, I would flash them out. These are the simple things where we can help each other out that keep traffic 'flowing'..

However, these days I have plebs pull out in front of me doing 65mph when I'm three car lengths behind them at speed meaning I have to brake hard. People don't seem to check mirrors any more and simply indicate and pull out..

People think the inside lane is for lorries only.

People pull into my 'saftey zone' between me and the car in front..

People in 1.0L Micra's sit on my rear bumper with half the stopping power that I have.

The above list could go on and on and on and on and on and on.... but I know our motorways will just get worse.

I would definitely apply for a job as a 'motorway control officer' that drives an unmarked car and hands out 80 fines to these plebs for not being able to use motorways properly..

Soon our motorway 'system' of inside lane, middle lane and outside lane simply wont exist and all lanes will plod along at the same speed..

.... and breathe