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Ext Warranty

So I emailed a dealership about an ext warranty and this is what he said to me. Is this true, do I have to get an inspection done prior?

"If what you were interested in was an extended warranty, however, you can still get one of those. There are two requirements -- first, you have to get it before your car has 75k miles, and second, you have to have the car inspected. The inspection cost is $225, and the warranty provider may require you to repair deficiencies prior to providing coverage (this is to prevent people from going out and buying junk cars off the street for nothing and then trying to buy a warranty from a dealer to fix everything). The warranty costs will vary depending on the coverage you choose, but as an example a 2 yr/24k mile Major Guard warranty would run $2265, a 3 yr/24k mile Major Guard would run $2555, etc. "