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Exclamation CCV Backpressure causing oil leak? CPO issues

X-posted in general:

I'll try to be brief, looking for opinions and past experiences:

Car is right at the end of CPO, this will be its last dealer service

Several complaints: One was a coolant leak, which was found at the upper expansion hose, and was informed this was NOT covered under CPO. That's fine, relatively easy fix. Second was a blow left front strut (leaking pretty bad). Dealer confirmed that it was leaking, again NOT covered. Understandable as a strut can be considered a "wear item"

The biggest complaint was my excessive oil consumption, which I have complained about since the day I got the car. I've done searches through this forum and I know its a common complaint, however recently the car burned through 2.5 quarts of oil in under 7500 miles which is pretty excessive in my opinion. BMW claims that one quart of oil consumed in 800 miles is still "within spec."

In the past, the dealer has replaced two oil filter housings which were leaking. It looked to be dry this time.

I took the car to an independent shop (BMW specific, former BMW service techs) and had them run through the vehicle. One leak they found was from the bank one turbo near where the exhaust feeds into the turbo and also at the oil drain line. The dealer identified this leak, but again said it was NOT covered because it was "a rubber hose." Am I wrong in assuming any oil feed line to or from a turbo is usually a steel braided hose? I know the labor is intensive to replace this hose, possible the dealer is trying to avoid the work?

Also at the independent shop, they performed a manometer test on the CCV and found less than one inch of water (pressure), whereas the specs for the vehicle is 6.8 inches of water at this point. They reasoned the excessive pressure from lack of venting could be causing the oil leaks to occur. The dealer refuses to perform the same test and will not investigate the CCV issue.

I have to go pick the car up today and I planned on speaking directly with the service manager. Anyone have any past experiences I can try to relate to? Any help would be appreciated...