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Tons of things like this happen at dealers.
My son is a Hyundai tech, at the dealership he works at in the back of the shop there is a sharp drop off of about 18 inches, every time they get a new lube tech a car gets run right off that drop off, if the damage is not visible nobody says a thing. In all honesty the design is beyond dumb, who the hell puts an 18" drop off right next to driveway ramp facing into the sun all afternoon long, they need to put up a barrier so people know. They bet lunch each time a new one starts as to how long till they drive off it.
Yesterday I was at an Arby's when someone from a local Ford dealer was pulling out of the parking lot and he went right over a curbstone/planter those 2x2 sqaure ones, Did not even flinch just right over the thing with a sickening crunch in a new Focus.