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Originally Posted by themetz View Post
Nice motor Tim - how's the MPG looking?!?

I've got a drive booked in one after my hols - really looking forward to it!

Does it give you the 'James-May-Fizz'? I know it's quick but does it feel 'special' too? I had a drive in an X6Md not too long ago which was quick but I didn't get the all important fizz!!
lol, yes MPG is taking a bit of getting used to after the 330d, but you know what...its pretty good imo. averaging 32mpg at the moment.

In EcoPro mode, i absolutely hated the car, so only ever using that mode on the mway. no wonder it squeezes 36-37 mpg out, it dulls the throttle so much.

Everything else, yes I think this car has the 'Fizz'. It just feels so perfectly balanced (even the front and back tyres are the same pressure). In comfort (default) mode it is effortless to press on and gives a lovely composed ride. I think the adaptive dampers must also stop body roll around corners.

In sport everything seems to stiffen up perfectly and it transforms the car into a precision weapon. It just feels so right and connected..kind of like the reviews said - this feels more like a M car than it should!

oh and the noise......mmmm

Originally Posted by Oli View Post
Just under 34 k inc service package. Fully loaded
Service pack for 300 is just a no brainer! Mine was a bit more expensive list

Originally Posted by SteveC View Post
when you meet someone again for the first time in 30 years? You'd hardly have recognized them on the street yet there's still the snotty nosed kid in there somewhere.
Love it, and yeah there is a resemblance!

Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
Hmmmm, very nice.

Defo the best looking (and sounding) new style 1er I've seen.

As dxb says, "all show AND all go" for a change.

Originally Posted by BMW-Power View Post
Looks awesome!!

Might have to go and see if my local dealer have a demonstrator
Do it
M2 Arrived!
Family 5er

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