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Originally Posted by Billt335 View Post
That was a great write up, keep me posted if/when you decide to do anything... I think ACT is definetly off the table for me, at least for now. How about clutchmasters? My research thus far is leaning towards them, but now that write may have changed it? Getting new tires next week, Michelin Super Sports so clutch will be in the next month. If I can figure it out!
Another forum member down in SOFLA will be getting the Spec 2+ and using it with his DMFW in the very near future. His name is JMARS. Be on the lookout for a review. I've already talked to him about it, so he will give me his feedback on how it works. I can relay that info to you too.

BTW, let me know if you ever want to try my ACT to see the engagement point for yourself.
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