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Originally Posted by StevenY.
Originally Posted by eric@helix
Look very closely at the fine print in the warranty. I find that people come to the shop expecting to get any problem fixed with a warranty, only to be disappointed. In my experience, warranties don't end up paying for themselves.
Yeah, I've seen a lot of people say that but I wouldn't mind having one just for a little peace of mind.
not much piece of mind in an aftermatket warranty at all. i run a repairshop. all decisions on repair must be made by an adjuster like an insurance claim. which can take days to approve and requires disassembly for photographs. i like to take a car apart and put back together not push is out and wait for them to say how they want you to fix it and when. if a warranty is necessary for you i urge you to chose a car that can be covered under a factory one.