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Originally Posted by manutdas11 View Post
Act of Valor is dope, I got in on Blu-Ray LOL

mmm I have no idea, but from my understanding it's just pretty basic.
Haha NICE! Watch it on like a LED 52" man that would be awesome..

Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
56Mbps is still pretty damn impressive.

Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
Uverse or their DSL crap?

I had ATT Uverse in Michigan and it was good enough. Remember, upload is important as well.

And besides, how many downloads do you see using that full bandwidth? Unless you're downloading multiple torrents with excellent seeds all the time, 2MBps constant is a single layer DVD in about 30 minutes
I had their regular DSL, then switched over to Uverse for a bit 'til a lot more people joined ATT and then shit got slow. Getting capped sometimes too.

Not a lot actually.. lol I mostly just download movies and games. On steam, the most you can download is 2-3MBps which sucks.
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