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Originally Posted by Puerto Rican 335d View Post
5k to 6k, so far so good and the roads here ARE worse than New Jerseys......
I wouldn't be so sure, with every road department out of money our roads are pretty bad. Remember we have freezing weather to deal with, ice, salt, all that good stuff. On average I bend one rim per year among the household fleet.

I did talk with Koni, this is how I got the swap from FSD's to Yellow Adjustables. They know what's up but would not say other than to honor the warrenty with no questions asked. Of course I was not happy with having to change them after only 12 months. I will also add the overall finish is not up to my standards. They corrode very easily, much more so than OEM. Plus on one the spring perch became loose, If I pull on it I can spin it on the shock. Fortunately with the weight of the car, it stays in place.