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Eonon D5114 - E91 2007


I am also interested in the D5114 dual can bus version (for BMW E91 2007).

I don't have the heated seats option but with it being available with the dual can bus like the Dynavin unit, would it be now possible for your unit to show the following displays that are featured on that unit.? (The features below I would particularly want.)

1.Display for the on board computer (OBC) showing engine temperature , oil
temperature, mpg etc.

2. Graphic display for the parking sensors (PDC) I dont really want to fit a rear camera

I would like the DAB feature you have mentioned, could this be added with a plug in module as with some other units? Alternatively losing the AM function would not be a great loss to me.
Also I wondered, if you add the DVB TV module to the unit would that enable a digital radio capability as with freeview systems?

When the new version is available will it be given a different or added number so that it can be identified from the old unit.

Finally, is it possible to install software updates when new features area available and if so how are they installed?